i-vox lite video booth kiosks

If you're looking for video booth recording technology without the enclosed booth structure, or you're designing your own exhibition stand or display set, then i-vox lite could be the answer. It is available as an all in one free standing video booth kiosk with touchscreen, or simply just the screen and other hardware for you to fit in your design. Click on the video to see how it works. Or click here to see photos of the booth in action

Daily, weekly and monthly hire rates as well as purchase available.

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Max Rivera

October 5, 2015 at 2:43 pm

Good morning, i work in the coordination of a state project that aims to develop intercultural recognition between multiculturally diverse citizens in Perú. We plan to pilot an iniciative for self recording in some places that are hard to access, specially in amazonian rainforest. It will be an itinerant iniciative.
So i need some information about the machine i vox lite itself, materials, caring, technology it uses, weight, possibility of moving, how does it functions, facilities for using, prices, shipping.
We may start needing 5 or 6 to start so please send requested info as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Max Rivera

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